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20 Times Pets Absolutely Stole The Show In Selfies

11. “Selfies with the grandpup, he didn’t want us to get another dog, now he takes care of him while we work.”

12. “Tried a selfie with my cat, but then he went pride rock.”

13. “Me trying to take a proper selfie with my cat”

14. “When you try to take a selfie with your dog:”

15. “My dad: I don’t want a dog. Also my dad taking selfies:”

16. How did you get there, buddy?

17. “Quit working already, it’s Caturday!”

18. “Growing up with my little girl Mila.”

19. “Please don’t mind my inability to make a normal face while admiring my long-distance boyfriend and our precious cat!”

20. Chris Evans is a pro when it comes to taking selfies with his dog.

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