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20 Times Animals Were Caught Right In The Act

11. I woke up to my dog acting like a cat.

12. “My cat messed up a single part of my window shades… I never realized why until just now.”

13. “So I walked into the kitchen at 5:30 a.m. and saw this in the sink… This is not my cat.”

14. “My dog isn’t allowed on the couch. This is his solution.”

15. “My sisters dogs started barking and then her cat did this.”

16. “While kayaking my son found a stowaway in his Crocs.”

17. My cat seems to be having an existential crisis.

18. “My wife just texted me this picture of our cat.”

19. My cat secretly loves the printer, so I sent him a message.

20. “My cat figured out how the fridge works and now he’s turnt on fresh, crisp water.”

Have you ever caught your pet doing something they shouldn’t be doing? We’d love to hear your stories and photos, so please share them with us in the comments below!

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