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20+ Sneaky Pets Who Love Stealing Their Owners’ Spots In Beds

16. Sometimes you can’t go to bed because it’s just all cats

17. Husband wasn’t out of bed for 30 seconds when this pup stole his spot and promptly started snoring

18. Woke up this morning to this and i have to say, my wife looks a lot different without make up

19. Went to shower, bed was made. Came out to this

20. My dog stole my spot on the bed then made this face.

21. Came back to bed to find this girl stole my boyfriend

22. A tucked in kitty stole my spot in bed

23. I want to go to bed.. But i just can’t bring myself to move them

24. Forgot to turn the heating on in the morning, came home to this

25. Should i be worried about this?

26. Go to bed to find it already occupied. Who is the boss in this house? Not me

27. How my dog looks at me when he’s in bed with my wife. Same look every time

28. Our pets arrange themselves around my girlfriend and i like this almost every night

29. She jumps into my bed and goes right for my pillow every night.

30. The look he gives me when he takes my spot in bed

If your pet is a bed-stealing, please share his or her photos with us in the comments below.

h/t: Bored Panda

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