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20 Signs That You’re A Crazy Cat Parent

Do you think you are a crazy cat parent? No, of course you’re not. Or maybe you are. These pictures will help you answer that.
The artists behind the creative studio Last Lemon created some adorable illustrations of signs of a crazy cat parent. And after they posted a few illustrated images online, people from across the planet started sharing their confessionals.
If you can relate to five or more of these, you’re definitely a crazy cat parent!

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#1 You really need to pee, but you won’t get up because someone’s asleep on your lap.

#2 You are perfectly comfortable spending your saturday night cuddled up with your kitty

#3 You have more photos of cats on your phone than humans.

#4 When you find yourself constantly having conversation with them

#5 You alpologize when it’s time to leave for work.

#6 You like awake at night unable to sleep, because someone is sleeping on your stomach and you need to sleep on your side

#7 Cat gets most of the bed, you squeeze in on the side.

#8 You ask how their day was when you get in from work.

#9 You got super-excited by home deliveries because you know someone’s about to get an empty box to play in.

#10 If the sofa is occupied, you are fine to take the uncomfortable chair.