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20 Quirky Dogs That Think They’re Cats

If you are raising quirky dogs, your day will never lack of laugh and fun. These adorable animals were born with the ability to brightening up our lives. They can make humans around them accept and fall in love with all their odds. Perfection is imperfection. These four-legged friends are an excellent example of this.

And this post introduces a kind of these interesting friends. 22 dogs that think they’re cats. These doggies convince themselves that they’re their biggest jerks: cats. They have their own logic and don’t find anything wrong with their behaviors and habits. If you are looking for a perfect remedy for tiredness and stress, these are right up your street. They will fill you up with happy vibes. Let’s check them out!

#1. This Husky Raised By Cats Acts Like A Cat

#2. Dog Thinks He’s A Cat

#3. A Dog Adjusting To Cat Owners

#4. Adopting A Dog Soon So We Have Neighbor Bring His Dog Over So Our Cats Get Used To Them. Tonight This Happened

#5. He Grew Up With Two Cats

#6. This Dog Has A Thing For Rooftops Apparently

#7. I Woke Up To My Cat Acting Normal. Nothing To See Here

#8. Husky Thinking He’s A Cat

#9. My Cat Recently Gave Birth To A Single Kitten. My Dog Also Thinks She Is Mom, Too

#10. This Dog Really Wants To Be A Cat

#11. Installed A Cat Door. Received Dog

#12. My Dog, Leonardo, Found A Hobby. Fish Watching

#13. It Rained Cats And Dogs And Now A “Cats And Dogs” Tree Grew

#14. My Dog Zeus Likes To Sit In Our Pond And Stare At The Fish

#15. Went To Pick Up Dog From Kennel And Found Her Like This

#16. Our Cat Doesn’t Mind Sharing With The Dog

#17. My Neighbor’s Dog. Proving To All Cats, Dogs Can Sit On Fences Too

#18. Sometimes My Dog Thinks He’s A Cat

#19. This Dog Is Not Stuck

#20. My Dog Thinks He’s A Cat

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