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20+ Pieces Of Evidence That Prove Cats Have Their Own Special Logic

You may not a cat person, but there’s one thing you probably know for sure: cats are independent, comical, and sometimes, illogical creatures. These fluffy jerks have their own strange and special logic that no one can make sense of. Therefore, we often wish we could get inside of their heads to find out their thought process.

We are crazy about cats and their waywardness, so we decided to gather several photos that show the strangeness of cat logic. Although we can’t find the reasons why our furry home babies suddenly do crazy and weird things, we have to admit that most of their actions are so cute and funny. Scroll down to enjoy!

1. “This cannot be comfortable.”

2. Cats can see the world from a totally different angle.

3. “Gave my boy catnip for the first time last night. He ended up passed out in a Taco Bell bag. Couldn’t be more proud.”

4. “Thanks for ruining my breakfast.”

5. “For the past week, he’s been delivering bread to my doorstep every morning. I don’t know where it comes from. If I do not promptly praise him and acknowledge the bread, he cries. This is the look he gave me when I tried to talk to him about what is going on.”

6. “Ulthar has started to lick the walls, no idea why…”

7. This is not just a fridge photo.

8. “These are my dogs’ bowls, but my cat prefers to drink water from anywhere but her own bowl.”

9. “My cat was missing for several hours until I got a call from my neighbor.”

10. “He meows really loud and then he goes and hides here for 20 minutes. He thinks he’s hidden.”

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