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20+ Photos That Prove Your Life Will Never Be Peaceful If You Have A Cat

If you are thinking about adding a cat into your family, you need to consider as there are numerous cat-related issues not everyone knows. In fact, living with cats can be great as these feline friends always make us laugh with their silly actions and give us plenty of love. However, cats are naughty and curious creatures, so they often bring chaos into our lives. But no matter how mischievous and bad they are, we still love them and forgive their mistakes.

Life with a cat is full of worries and challenges, but being a cat owner can be one of the happiest moments in your life. Every day with your cat is a new experience that will make you happy. Don’t believe us? Scroll down to check for yourself. We think that you should consider bringing a cat to your family. Owning a cat will change your life forever.

#1. “At first, my mom didn’t believe that our new cat was odd. My dad and I were both cry-laughing.”

#2. “This is Tigger’s favorite chair. As soon as you get up from it, she will promptly take this chair from you and give you this smug expression.”

#3. “We got him a bed but then a paper towel fell on the floor, so nevermind.”

#4. “My cat stole my neighbor’s package and tried to give it to me. Luckily, they also have a cat so they understand everything.

#5. “Carl loves me a lot. He always patiently waits for me to eat and then to pet him.”

#6. “She always makes such a cute face when she’s destroying the window screens.”

#7. “Coco turns 20 this month, so of course, we celebrated.”

#8. Today a fight broke out from a dispute over who would sit on the newspaper.

#9. “Maverick is testing out a new way of sitting on a chair.”

#10. “My cat’s reaction when she saw me in the bathtub”

#11. “My cat loves to stare at me through any reflection, like a mirror or my TV when it’s off. It freaks me out.”

#12. “Her previous owner abandoned her. This is how she greets me every time I come home.”

#13. “My cat has a lot of feelings anytime we go outside.”

#14. “I spend money on expensive cat beds and he sleeps in this cat carrier.”

#15. “Our little man rolled off the edge of the couch while he was asleep and my girlfriend decided to support his head. She’s already exhausted, but she doesn’t have the heart to wake him.”

#16. “This is Whiskey. Earlier this week, someone tried to rob us at home, and this guy woke me up, ran to the window, and watched the front door. He’s our little guard kitty.”

#17. “Hermione resting on her favorite pillow — me”

#18. “I’ve been Brutus’ mom for 14.5 years, but he’ll never look at me the way he looks at my husband.”

#19. “My cats decided that there should be a hole in the sweater.”

#20. “A year and a half ago, a treat accidentally fell down this vent. My cat, Patrick Bateman, still checks it every single day to see if there’s something tasty in there.”

#21. “We’re just watching TV.”

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