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20+ Photos That Prove Pets Can Make Our Lives Meaningful And Happy

16. “Go away, hooman, it’s nap time.”

17. “This 18 pounder is Shoka and he is definitely loved!”

18. “My cat showing she loves me”

19. “Such a cutie.”

20. “My daughter and my boy in deep sleep. Priceless.”

21. “Maverick’s sneaky plan to catch Santa.”

22. “My cat comes for a snuggle at night and again in the morning (I think she loves me).”

23. “This is Shae. Enjoying a cupcake.”

24. “My baby cat Selina. My boyfriend moves in and it’s like I don’t exist anymore.”

25. “We just got a new dog. Our other dog is a LOT smaller than her. This is her trying to fit into his crate even though hers is right next to it.”

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