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20+ Photos That Can Relieve Your Stress Without Pills

#11. “I’m here for you, kiddo!”

#12. Who ordered the 10 piece McPupper? Please sign here.

#13. Just an adorable baby goat in a coat

#14. “He’s always so happy when I come home.”

#15. Meet Artemis. She thinks you’re cute!

#16. This is Pyro, he loves to sit like this in people’s arms and fall asleep.

#17. “Calling his name makes him forget he has a neck.”

#18. When you’re totally adorable and shy at the same time:

#19. “I’m pet sitting a big pupper with a shamrock on her snoot. Isn’t she just the most kissable thing?”

#20. This Golden retriever earns money by giving kisses.

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