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20+ Photos Of Cats Being Silly And Doing Funny Things

16. This kitten is so tiny that it can fit inside its human’s hoodie.

17. Just admiring the human

18. I didn’t know cats can get obsessed with bananas.

19. Who would have thought that babies and cats can be excellent yoga partners?

20. Like a human

21. If you own a cat, be careful with the containers in your kitchen.

22. This cat doesn’t realize how big he is. That box is almost twice as small as his size!

23. This cat couldn’t get through that space in the window so he felt stuck.

24. Even cats like spending time in the park.

25. A ray of sunshine

26. The “mlem”

27. This cat is overloading with cuteness.

28. What is he doing?

29. The yarn ball cat house

30. Someone’s hungry

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