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20+ Pets Who Make Humans Jealous Of Their Vivid Facial Expressions

16. “Stretch out my legs after a nap”.

17. Ms. Embarassed!

18. I just can’t take my eyes off this cat. He is sassy but it turns out to be incredibly adorable.

19. “Huh? You say what? Wanna me to exchange the sit with you? No way. He is mine. I sit next to my friend!”.

20. Always smile when seeing food. Enough to drag you out of negative feelings, right?

21. “I’m tiny and helpless but stay adorable as I always am”.

22. “Imitate the gesture of the guy in the picture behind. We look like twins?”

23. “Huh? I did tell you to sit nicely. Don’t get me mad, bro!”

24. “Oh, I did see a mouse that’s long like this!”

25. A giants with tiny legs but still look cool, right?

26. “I’m jealous. Why do you just cuddle her? It’s gonna break my heart.”

27. “What creature is this? Approaching it closer to identify what it is.”

28. “His eyes when I finish packing the luggage for the business trip. And he wins, my heart.”

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