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20+ Pets Who Just Don’t Want To Leave Their Humans For A Minute

16. “My mom told me to watch out for my little sister for a while. I’m so glad to do it.”

17. “I don’t want to stay in the room without having you, even when you are in the toilet.”

18. “It’s cuddling time, mom!”

19. “When my dad sleeps soundly, I sneak onto his bed and sleep with him.”

20. “You keep staring at your laptop. I want you to chat with me.”

21. “Make an adventure to the park with my dad.”

22. “I always love sitting on my dad’s lap, even when I’m not a kitten anymore.”

23. “Don’t be afraid, brother! Going to see the dentist is not scary at all.”

24. “My brother is in his ground time. I just want to give him comfort by standing next to him.”

25. “We’re guarding for you, sister. You can do what you want.”

26. “There is no need to say “I love you”. A small caring action is more than words.”

27. “Best companions ever!”

28. “I love sleeping on my dad’s chest. It’s the safest and most comfortable bed ever.”

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