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20 Naughty Cats Who Love To Hang Out In Your Underwear

Do your cats love bathrooms? Does he or she follow you to the bathroom, paw-pat under the toilet door, yowl for attention when you want privacy? We are sure that the answer is yes. Seriously, cats become obsessed with all kinds of things and nobody can deny that. They love bathrooms and especially when underwear is flying around. Although they don’t wear underwear, they really love to hang out in it.

We think they are attracted to the scent of their beloved human. So much so that they will kick them off to chew on any chance they get. And in order to help you understand more clearly about this, we have collected 20 pics of guys who are loving the “underwear hammock” idea and enjoying themselves while you take the time to do your thing. Scroll down to see the pictures that show their cuteness when they get inside owners’ panties and look up.

#1 Just Chillin

#2 Uhm….

#3 Ahoy Captain

#4 Snuggly Wuggly

#5 Hellooooo….. I See You…..

#6 Ugh, This Is Going To Be The Last Time For Me…

#7 I’m Scared

#8 …. Omg… Whats That Hanging There!?

#9 You Better Be Taking Your Time

#10 Toasty And Warm

#11 Just Chillin…

#12 You Missed A Spot

#13 I’ll Protect You!

#14 Squished

#15 There Seems To Be A Little Hole In Your Pants

#16 Excuse Me…. Ummm… Where Did You Get That Thing..?!!??

#17 I Loveeeeeeeeeeee Your Underwear

#18 Hayden In My Pants.

#19 Time For A Little Nap

#20 Sup!!

Do you love these pics? Feel free to share them with your friends and don’t forget to let us know your thoughts in comments below!

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