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20+ Latina Moms Before And After Saying “I Don’t Want A Dog”

Has your mom ever said, “I don’t want a dog” or swore she never needs it? There is a sheer difference before and after this saying. Many said that when they told their mom that they wanted to adopt a dog but she was not too keen on the idea. And the point here is she seems to love the dog much more than you do after you bring it into your home. She considers it her little baby and cares for him with all her love. You may even be ranked behind this new furry member in your family. Why? The pet is more obedient and affectionate than their son.

With this mind, we’re glad to share 22 hilarious stories of Latina moms before and after saying “I don’t want a dog”. These moms totally fall in love with their new family member. They love cuddling their pet and get a lot of fun and smile with this. Petting their pet every day whenever they could become their habit. Let’s scroll down to enjoy!























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