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20+ Dogs Who Never Think Of Giving Their Owners Personal Space

If you want to adopt a dog, you will have to share a lot of personal space with him. Sleeping on the sofa, having snacks while watching a football match, or walking around the park. Your dog prefers accompanying you in everything you do and everywhere you go. Many even love cuddling even when they’re not little puppies anymore. Who can resist when looking at their adorable face and innocent eyes?

But there are some dogs who intentionally break up the private space of their owners. It’s a way they show their love, care and existence. You want to ignore me? I’ll run to you whenever I spot you. And, here are 21 hilarious pics of dogs who intrude your personal space. If you are looking for something funny to get you relaxed, just give these a look. And, don’t forget to share similar photos of your dogs and you. Let’s scroll down!

#1 My girlfriend’s dog is in love with me. This is her…

#2 Our foster dog is not so good with personal space.

#3 Found my boyfriend and dog taking a nap like this.

#4 When you’re trying to send a private message:

#5 When your dog is a kung fu master:

#6 I’m willing to bet the dog’s name is Sheldon.

#7 My dog has no idea what personal space is.

#8 I was wrestling with my dog and forgot that he never misses an opportunity to eat.

#9 Came home to my roommate’s dog protecting my kitten from the loud thunder and lightning outside.

#10 My friend’s dog decided to join the fun of a slip and slide. Instant regret.

#11 My girlfriend fell asleep with my dog, and he gave me this look after I kissed her on the cheek.

#12 My friend’s dog wants her human to pet her…all the time.

#13 My friend’s dog jumped into the shot.

#14 Our dog threw up last night at 4 a.m. He kept me company while I cleaned it up.

#15 Installed a cat door. Received a dog.

#16 You are being poopervised, human!

#17 2 months off the racetrack and my adopted greyhound is still trying to understand what being a lap dog is all about.

#18 Sometimes she has problems recognizing personal space.

#19 My dad is very popular at the dog park.

#20 This dog definitely doesn’t know how to behave with other dogs.

#21 I woke up to him having a puppy dream and lying on me like this.

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