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20 Clingy Pets That Refuse To Leave Their Owners, Even For A Minute

11. When you unobtrusively want to show that you need attention.

12. Privacy. Something you’ll probably never experience if you have pets.

13. To access the toilet, pay the fee. 10 pets.

14. My cat decided to hop in the shower with my fiancé this morning. Some things can’t be unseen.

15. My cat came to check on me while I was sitting on the toilet and he was terrified.

16. Professional shower supervisor

17. This sums cats up pretty well.

18. Just in case you forgot about me, it’s me, your cat. I’ll sit on your chest and pretend it doesn’t make you uncomfortable.

19. “My alien crew receiving a transmission from the Mothership.”

20. The abyss staring back.

Tell us know how many of these photos can you relate to? We’d be happy to see photos of your pets in the comment section below!

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