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20 Cats Who Have Inexplicable Habits And Traits

There’s no denying that cats are great creatures. Not only do they make our lives happy, but they also provide us with unconditional love and wonderful companionship. The only complaint we really have is that they’re always up to some strange, unexplainable habits that continue to baffle us. Sometimes, they are so weird and crazy that we think they are aliens from another planet. But no matter how weird they are, we still love them so much.

We believe that cats are weirdos who always do strange and crazy things, so we rounded up 20 photos of cats with weird habits and traits to share with you. If you don’t believe, scroll down to check for yourself!

1. “My cat only drinks water from the sink, and only the water that runs off his head.”

2. “He steals potatoes and walks around the house carrying them like a boss.”

3. “My cat raises her paw to get attention.”

4. “She wets her belly in the sink and sits on the toilet cistern while I’m going to the bathroom.”

5. “My cat is constantly trying to steal food from me, so I have to close the kitchen door. And while I eat, he doesn’t take his eyes off me from outside the door.”

6. “Other cats bring dead mice to people as trophies. Our cat brought the stick he found from the garden.”

7. “I have no idea how he got there. But he cried until I came to look at him.”

8. “My cat drinks her water by dipping her belly into the bowl and then licking the water off of her fur.”

9. “Ghost makes this face when he wants to be pet.”

10. “She likes to climb into the drawer from the back. Sometimes, she surprises me when I open it.”

11. Someone has to explain to this cat how the laws of physics work.

12. “She enjoys warming her rear end in the hot stream of air from the laptop.”

13. “My cat pretends like he’s chewing to communicate that he’s hungry.”

14. “Some people drink tea with their pinkies up. And my cat drinks like this.”

15. “My cat loves to pretend she’s a figurine.”

16. “My cat continues to line up my 9-year-old son’s socks.”

17. They do evolve!

18. “Our cat likes laying on his back on top of the cabinets with his eyes wide open, just staring at the ceiling.”

19. “She sits like this and waits for someone to put ice in her water every morning.”

20. “My cat doesn’t know how to be a cat.”

Does your cat have strange and funny habits? Please share photos of your cat with us in the comments below! Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family members to make their day better!

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