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20+ Animals Who Don’t Know How Special They Really Are

11. “My dog only has spots on his ears.”

12. “This Watusi bull looks like it’s transparent through its spots.”

13. “One of my dog’s nails lacks any color.”

14. “My cat has a hazard symbol on her face.”

15. A hen with heart-shaped spots on her feathers

16. “My girlfriend’s cat has 2 thumbs on each paw.”

17. “My friend’s dog has a half-blue, half-brown eye.”

18. “My parents went on a hike and found a turtle with 2 dogs on its shell.”

19. This dog has a purple spot on its head.

20. “My cat’s paw has a right angle.”

21. “I saw a dog waiting for its owner to get back on his motorcycle.”

What does your favorite pet look like? Does he or she have any unique features? Feel free to share photos of your pet with us in the comments below and don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family members!

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