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20+ Adorable Animals Who Might Be Sleeping But Their Charisma Isn’t

11. “I am not dead. Just tired & ugly. Please let me sleep.”

12. “So I walked into the great room and found my dog like this. This isn’t staged… she did this herself. Clearly she’s learned from the master… me.”

13. “This is how my cat sleeps.”

14, “My girlfriend put a bird feeder on our deck. This rascal ate himself to sleep.”

15. Sea otter pups sleep on their moms.

16. “Wudan loves her big brother. So much that she still thinks she is small enough to sleep on his back.”

17. “This male lizard is holding on to the top of the cage so the female can sleep on him.”

18. “My boyfriend’s cat likes to sleep against the wall.”

19. The hedgehog is not angry. It sleeps like this.

20. Parrots love sleeping too.

21. What is he dreaming about?

22. “Yes, I like it this way.”

23. Well, once he gets up, he can eat.

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