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150-Pound Great Dane Is Obsessed With Tiny Kitten

Corbin is a big Great Dane dog who lives with his mom Karen and some cute kittens. Most of the kittens are half a pound, and Corbin is 150 pounds.

At first, Karen didn’t let Corbin in with the kittens because of his size. But one day, Karen opened the door and Corbin immediately ran in. He laid down and begged to stay with the kittens. It was almost as if he was saying, “I’m going to be gentle, let me see the kitten.”

Karen was in awe with how gentle Corbin was. After that, she allowed him to see the kittens more often. The kittens are smaller than him, but he’s really careful not to hurt them. He even cleans them the same way their mom does.

Out of all the kittens, Jesper was the one that was the most connected with Corbin. He loves her so much and she also loves him. They formed a strong bond that no one can break. But one day, Jesper got adopted and had to move into her new home.

Corbin was so sad after realizing Jesper left, but eventually he was so excited for new ones. He loved Jesper, but he loves all of the kittens.

Watch the video here to see the full story:

If you love Corbin, you can follow him on Instagram. For adoption info on other kittens like these, check out Ontario SPCA & Humane Society on Facebook and Instagram.

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