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15 Hilarious Rules Cats Set Down In Their Households

As all cat lovers know, the cats run the house! Once we bring a cat into our homes, it’s theirs. We don’t make the rules; we just obey them. And knowing these may help you out of some sticky situations caused by the bad guy that you love.

In this post, there are examples of hilarious rules that house cats have set in some homes, which are shared by owners on Reddit! What rules do cats set in your home? Check out these rules below!

#1. “By 10 p.m., I’m usually in bed with TV and my cat. If not, my old tom cat gets upset. He’s deeply bonded to me, possibly due to past trauma, and demands affection.”

#2. “They must sit as close to my face as possible, preferably on my face. My inability to breathe is my problem.”

#3. “Leave the door open, you don’t need privacy in the toilet.”

#4. “Bed making will always include at least one cat jumping on the bed to ‘help’.

#5. “If there is a face-sized hole in the center of the food bowl, the bowl is effectively empty.”

#6. “If there is a face-sized hole in the center of the food bowl, the bowl is effectively empty.”

#7. “After sleeping, changing the sleep position will not be tolerated.”

#8. “You can touch but don’t touch.”

#9. “I must be in every room you are. I will claw at the door and carpet if I am not allowed in. Do not follow me around. I want my space.”

#10. “Clean laundry will be considered as a bed.”

#11. “Let her in. Let her out. Let her in. Let her out.

#12. “Are you beginning to fall asleep? Then I must run wide open from one end of the house to the other at least four times. The galloping sound will help you sleep.”

#13. “Going to the bathroom? Need to drink from the faucet. Walk past the bathroom? Need faucet water. Make eye contact? Need faucet water.”

#14. “No placing of hands or feet outside of blankets.”

#15. “Cats get the spot on the bed that they want, dogs may have the leftovers.”

#16. “You may attempt to knit/sew, but I will be attacking the wool every five seconds. Extreme knitting.”

#17. “Any uncovered food will be licked.”

#18. “I am more important than Game of Thrones. To illustrate this point, I will frequently stand on the coffee table, directly in your line of sight to the television.”

#19. “The 40kg dog must at all times display submissive behavior towards the cat unless he wishes nails in her b*tt.”

#20. “I want food right now but I will eat later.”

#21. “Christmas is for us. Christmas trees are exclusively for us.”

#22. “If you do not maintain visual contact with cheese products at all times you agree to forfeit your right to finish eating said cheese products.”

#23. “Once your alarm goes off, it’s cuddle time. Oh, you want to go back to sleep? Then you’ll have to do so with 11 lbs of Bogart on your chest.”

#24. “If your lap is empty, it is fair game.”

#25. “The fridge is a paradise. Don’t quite know why they like it in there either.”

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