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15 Dogs Who Wake Their Owners Up With Hilarious Faces

Who do you want to wake you up in the morning without getting you irritated? Your dog seems to be a perfect choice. They will run to you from somewhere, their own bed (or yours), and give you a morning call. They show you an adorable or quirky face in the best way they can. And these are the sweetest thing to start a day, right?

Here are 15 of these dogs we would like to introduce today. These fluffy friends are keen on waking their owners up with their hilarious faces. If you are looking for something lovely for your morning, these are right up your street. These adorable doggie friends surely add more color to your day. Let’s check them out!

#1. “Hooman, wake up already! Look the sun is up.”

#2. “Hooman, wake up! You’re missing out on so much fun.”

#3. Look at this one! All set for morning cuddles.

#4. “Rise and shine hooman!”

#5. This one’s already in the Christmas spirits.

#6. “Can I get some wakey wakey cuddles?”

#7. Such a cute sight to see in the morning.

#8. This guy is still processing what year it is…

#9. “Hooman, let’s go for a walk.”

#10. “Hooman, I swear, you look like an alien when you wake up.”

#11. Looks like a lazy Sunday morning.

#12. “Good morning hooman!”

#13. Dog owners start their morning with the sight of their dogs blep.

#14. Sometimes it feels like we’re being watched…

#15. “Wake up hooman! It’s time for breakfast.”

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