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10+ Unusual And Unique Dogs That Deserve To Be Seen And Adored By The World

11. An American Bulldog you’ll have to stare at for a while to be able to really take in his uniqueness

12. The boy with the piercing eyes is Ekko and his vitiligo just increases our love for him.

13. A French Bulldog puppy that blows up all the cuteness scales with its blue eyes and merle fur

14. You probably don’t see Bergamasco Shepherds often, so take some time to fully appreciate their good looks.

15. Prague, the Pitbull, is very often compared to a Black Panther because of his rare jet-black coat.

16. Who wouldn’t want to have a dog that looks different every time you look at them from another angle?

17. A very special, extra gorgeous Bernese Mountain dog you’ll be thinking about for a long time

18. The Mudi is a herding dog breed from Hungary who will enchant you with their wavy fur.

19. At first glance this might look like the Lion King, but it’s really just a giant Tibetan Mastiff.

20. The Xoloitzcuintli is better known as the Mexican Hairless dog and will steal your heart whether you’re ready for it or not.

What are your favorite pics? Feel free to share with us in comments.

h/t: Bright Side

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