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10+ Pictures That Pretty Much Sum Up A Cat’s Life

#1 They feel no guilt. You may ask them: “How do you sleep at night with all the crimes you’ve committed?”. And they wouldn’t answer because they’re sleeping.

#2 They may act cunning and independent, but they get really sad when you’re gone.

#3 They want their breakfast at between 3am – 5am.

#4 “My cat always checks what I bring home from the grocery store. Here’s the moment when she smelled the roast beef.”

#5 They need to be kept warm.

#6 They love biting their loved ones. It’s a rough way of showing love.

#7 They get super clingy when you need to go out.

#8 Get ready for an attack!


#10 Cats are bound to sit (and pee) on laptops.

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