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10+ Photos of Sleeping Animals That Will Make You Smile

Sometimes something awful happens and you feel like everything is hopeless. But throughout the day, some things can make it a little better no matter how your day has been going. Sometimes you just need something to put an extra smile on your face and it is usually the little things in life.
Over the course of evolution, the human brain has developed certain “cuteness” criteria. All the animals in our compilation do possess the features of cuteness that can melt anyone’s heart.
Here at Pawsplanet we collected pictures of sleeping peaceful animals for you to feel better about your day. Scroll down to enjoy and don’t forget to share with your friends and your family!

#1. This puppy cuddling with his best toy friends is going to melt your heart:

#2. You’ll definitely want to protect this squirrel with your life:

#3. There is no position that’s more comfortable and safe.

#4. These rescue kittens are finally feeling safe enough to show their bellies and it’s incredibly heartwarming:

#5. This puppy sleeps most of the day:

#6. This cat found the most comfortable position for its back:

#7. This little gymnast smiles so happily, your heart might explode:

#8. This snuggly fox enjoys its bed more than anything in the world:

#9. This cat believes there’s nothing better than a box:

#10. These puppies are so cute, you might want to cry and it’s totally fine: