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10+ Pets Who Love Their Owners More Than Anything

16. “This is Simon, the best boy in the world.”

17. “He interrupted our game, but I don’t mind.”

18. This look just makes your heart melt.

19. “This cutest boy is trying to convince me not to go to work today.”

20. “This is my calico cat, Sandy. She’s almost 13 years old, and we’ve been inseparable since the day she was born.”

21. “This is how Emma looks at my husband.”

22. “I think he loves to nap with me.”

23. The eyes of a puppy who has just been adopted:

24. “19-year-old Brownie proves to us every day that nothing is sweeter than the love of an older dog.”

Do you think that your pets love you more than anything? How do they show it? Please share your stories with us in the comments below!

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