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10+ People Who Thought They Didn’t Need A Cat In Their Life

#21 Me A Year Ago: I Hate Cats, They’re Evil! Me, Now, On My 4th Set Of Fosters

#22 My “Not A Cat Person” Boyfriend Falling In Love With A Shelter Kitty

#23 I Found A Cat. I Don’t Like Cats. Now I Have A Cat I Guess

#24 My Girlfriend’s Dad Doesn’t Like Cats So He Says, Looks Like She Won Him Over

#25 He Didn’t Want A Cat

#26 This Is The Man That Didn’t Want A Cat

#27 After Not Letting Me Get A Cat For Years He Is Now Besotted With Gus

#28 And He Didn’t Even Want A Cat

#29 When Your Dad Says He “Doesn’t Like Cats” But You Finally Convince Him To Let You Get One And You End Up Getting Pics Like These While You’re At Work

#30 At First I Didn’t Want To Have To Take Care Of Kittens. Then This Happened


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