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10+ People Who Didn’t Want To Own Pets But Ended Up With Ones

We all know someone who said they hated pets and never wanted to own ones in their house. But when they lived with these animals, everything had changed. They fell in love with pets they never wanted. In fact, you can find them playing with their beloved pets and putting them in their beds to make them feel cozy and warm.

Nothing is fixed forever in this world, even those who don’t want to have pets could change their minds and finally love them. Somewhere deep down, we just can’t resist cute and sweet faces of pets. Don’t believe us? Scroll down to check the photos below for yourself. These photos will prove that everyone loves pets, even those who said that they never wanted to have pets.

#1. “This is my dad who said he hates cats and my cat.”

#2. “Cranky dad thought Duncan would be a ‘weirdo’ because he was born an only kitten.”

#3. ” I was the one who didn’t want pets and still we decided to foster this guy, and my wife caught this moment of us together.”

#4. “We can only have big dogs…”

#5. “He thought Mabel was ’gross’ when we first got her. Now she sleeps with us so she ’doesn’t get cold.’”

#6. “’I don’t like dogs…’ One year later.”

#7. “Mr. ’I don’t even want a cat’ around 30 seconds after I set her down.”

#8. “I’m not a bird person.”

#9. ’’I hate cats, why do you want one?’’ 2 months later…

#10. “No dogs in the house,” he once said.

#11. “I don’t want a dog in this house.”

#12. “There is nothing good about cats -my dad.”

#13. “Until then, he didn’t want a cat.”

#14. “Got Leeroy a couple of weeks back. My girlfriend didn’t want a cat and still tells friends she doesn’t like him. Yeah… ok.”

#15. “My husband after not seeing him for almost 2 weeks. Forget greeting the wife and children. He missed his ‘baby’!”

#16. “I don’t like dogs. I am just not a dog person.”

#17. “I don’t want anything to do with a dog”

#18. “Dad then: “dogs are too much responsibility.” Dad now: “he is my favorite…he goes to the park with me every morning.”

#19. “He was originally opposed to getting kittens. “Don’t move them! They like sleeping on the bed!”

#20. “Just to clarify, these are your cats! I want nothing to do with them!”

What are your favorite pics? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below! Be sure to share these pics with your friends and family members to make them happy!

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