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10+ Of The Smiliest Cats On The Internet

Smiling is a human construct and not a natural part of the animal kingdom. This is probably why we enjoy it so much when we think cats are actually smiling because it’s out of the ordinary.
Although your kitty may not be able to physically “smile” exactly like a person, that definitely doesn’t mean she doesn’t have her own ways to express joy. I do believe cats can show happiness in their eyes, but it’s not obvious to see. Cats are highly emotional creatures, and the better equipped you are to understand her feelings.
Scroll down to see the smiliest cats pictures on the internet! I think that these smiling cats will certainly improve your day, no matter how awesome or tough it’s been.

#1 You’ve Got To Wonder What He’s Dreaming About, It Must Be Good

#2 He Looks Like He Got One Over On Somebody

#3 She’s Certainly Happy To Have Found The Perfect Sleeping Position

#4 Cat Laughing

#5 Happy Cat

#6 I Think My Girlfriends Cat Is Pretty Happy At Home

#7 Smiling Cat

#8 Smiling Cat

#9 My Friends Cat Is Always Smiling

#10 Shironeko Is The Happiest And Sleepiest Cat Ever