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10+ Of The Cats That Bring Unexpected Gifts For Their Humans

#11 After bringing in 3 dead birds, for a change, this adorable creature brought me a dead leaf.

#12 My neighbors cat brought her this dead snake!

#13 Today, my kitty brought me a candy stick.

#14 My cat brought me a little bunny, unharmed. Good kitty!

#15 My cat loves me so much that he brought me two, not one, TWO dead bugs.

#16 My cat always steals away my neighbors shuttle cock and brings it to me.

#17 Another addition to my collection of leaves, not surprisingly the only contributor is my cat.

#18 Everyday when I come back home from office my cat would gift me an old, obsolete and completely useless receipt. But today, it brought me with a wool ball!

#19 I heard that its usual for cats bring home dead birds. My cat on the other hand brought me this. It’s alive and completely unharmed.

#20 My cat brought me this dead bird for lunch today.

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