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10+ Holiday Cat Memes That Will Put You In The Christmas Spirit

Christmas Day is one of the most festive Christian holidays in many countries around the world. It is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. Many homes have Christmas trees and other decorations in the weeks leading to Christmas Day. It’s the most wonderful time of the year and nobody can deny it. But if you are a cat owner, we think that your holiday and your celebration might be ruined by your adorable little fur friends.

You know, cats will always be cats, and they simply do not care about your holiday. They prepare to destroy the tree, Santa’s Village or those perfect little decorations you’ve worked tirelessly on. However, no matter what they do, we are sure that you still love them and love “LOL” Christmas cat memes. So, scroll down to check out the hilarious holiday cat memes that are guaranteed to get you into the Christmas spirit.

1. Those eyes say it all!

2. This is a clever idea!

3. Might not work if you only have cats, lol….

4. Oh great you’re here! The tree just fainted!

5. If only we could look this good in our holiday photos!

6. It’s goin’ down, human!

7. Santa’s Village never stood a chance…

8. Cole and Marmalade plotting their holiday takeover courtesy of this custom Scott Metzger cartoon!

9. This is a promise not a threat.

10. How sweet of you…

11. Cat logic in full effect…

12. The cat on the right is so over it.

13. It’s a long story… Just pull, please.

14. Pretty much every cat owner can relate to this one…

15. Marm’s first Christmas was equally memorable and breakable…

16. Awww, every time is like the first time!

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