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10+ Hilarious Photos That Prove Cats Are The Biggest Assholes

Although we already know about the evil nature of the felines, they never cease to amaze us with how evil they can be. These guys are here to screw your life, and they’re not gonna apologize. When you adopt a cat (do you?), you are prepared to say goodbye to your favorite mug, your delicious pizza, and your ordinary life. However, if these bastards love you, they love you for real. Hang in there, mate! Now scroll down to see cats spreading horror into your life for not reason at all.

#1 Ha! Caught Her In The Act!

#2 Life Of A Tree

#3 Are You Missing Underwear?

#4 Lost About 40 Minutes Of Work Just Now. PSA: If You Have A Cat, Don’t Buy A Computer Case With An Upward-Facing Power Button

#5 You Home Earlier Today Hooman

#6 “I’ll Do It. I Swear To God, I’ll Do It.”

#7 Of All Places

#8 Made A Pie Crust. Turned Around To Get Filling. Turned Back Around And This Is What I Found

#9 Good Thinking

#10 Wife Drives To Grandma’s House. Amount Of Fucks Given By Our New Rescue Cat: Zero

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