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10+ Funny Tweets About Cats That Will Leave You With The Biggest Smile

Cats are always the greatest source of happiness. That is the reason why their presence just makes everything better. They can just sit there doing nothing, and we will still find a reason to smile at them. Cats love to give their owners and they help them through their tough days. So we decided to search on Twitter to find the funniest moments of owners and their adorable cats. We compiled this list of the funniest tweets about cats. Here are the funniest moments tweeted about cats.

So scroll down to check it. Which one is the funniest?

#1 New boyfriend is allegric to kitten so can’t keep him. 🙁 He is ginger & named Tom, Friendly, come when called. 28 yrs-old and works in IT.

#2 My wife wanted two kittens but I am the man in this house so we got two kittens

#3 My cat always looks like she just watched you take the last slice of pizza without offering to split it

#4 Batman?

#5 My cat’s birthday

#6 Each time my mom puts an inspirational meme about finding the right man someday on my Facebook wall

#7 My cat is playing with her tail

#8 Seeing him with his iPad

#9 Let’s selfies


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