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10+ Cats With The Craziest Fur Markings You’d Almost Think Were Photoshopped

#11. Is it weird that his second pair of eyes look more like cat eyes than his other eyes?

#12. With this sword at his side, this is the cat who should be king.

#13. Cats love teaching the world about the continents.

#14. The only thing classier than a mustache, is a mustache with a cute, little goatee.

#15. Time to flex those pecs!

#16. Clearly, the best way to teach kids about shapes is to get a cat.

#17. Charlie Chaplin is going to make a comeback.

#18. To think that most girls need eyeliner and mascara to look this good.

#19. Is anyone else suddenly in the mood for a cookie?

#20. This is not a sleeping panda, it’s a cat’s butt.