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10+ Cats Who Are Fond Of Sun

It’s now very understandable that when the cats are not sleeping they’re planning on taking over the world. But, there’s one more thing that they love doing that is getting a sun bath!

No, they don’t do it to get their Vitamin D, cats are desert creatures and originated in the Middle East so they naturally have a high tolerance to heat. That said, their body regular temperature is higher than that of humans (102°) and a pretty high metabolism. A great deal of energy is required to keep them warm. So, whenever they get a sunlit place to relax they never waste this opportunity. This conserves their energy and nullifies the drop in basal metabolism that is caused by sleep when some processes in the body are shut down. This is the reason why cats love sun so much and they can get it in the most difficult of the positions.

And they’re not doing it to get their dose of Vitamin D. Cat’s regular body temperature is higher than human’s (102°), they are desert creatures that originated in the Middle East where they developed a high tolerance to the heat. They have a very high metabolism and a lot of energy goes to keeping them warm. That’s why when they find a sunlit spot to lie down, they will, as it actually conserves their energy and offsets the drop in basal metabolism that comes with sleep shutting down certain processes in the body. That metabolic heat advantage is exactly why they love them some sun – or warmth – and can get in the most uncomfortable positions to get it.

We have compiled a few pictures to make this relationship of sun and cats pretty obvious to you! Do not forget to comment and let us know how your cat fulfills its sunlight craving.











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