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10+ Cats Who Absolutely Had No Idea You’d Be Home So Early

Did you ever wonder just just what your cats get up to when you’re at work?

Have you ever walked in on your own fur-baby when he or she has that “guilty” look on their face?

Take a look at these fun pictures of 12 cats who had absolutely no idea you’d be home so early and you’ll know exactly what we mean!

#1 “Me and the dog are just playing, I promise.”

#2 “Well, you could’ve at least knocked.”

#3 “I just wanted to feel, just once, what it is like to be in your shoes.”

#4 “I definitely wasn’t trying to turn off those parental controls, nope! Not me…”

“#5 “We’re just dancing! We swear!”

#6 “Well, this is a bit awkward…”

#7 “Sometimes I come here just to think, OK? It’s not a crime!”

#8 “Who, me? Watching Cinemax After Dark on the Telly? Perish the thought!

#9 “You said you’d be gone for at least 30 minutes, human.”

#10 “We were just, well, hmmm…”

#11 “We swear, we weren’t talking about you while you were gone.”