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10+ Awesome Facts That Every Cat Lover Finds To Be True

#11 This is your cat’s favorite activity.

Knocking off the things on the floor is the favorite activity of every kitty.

#12 They can sleep anywhere they want to and only a true cat lover can find them.

Cats are the most adorable creatures and they are capable of sleeping anywhere. The places can be dangerous but interesting at the same time.

#13 The best gift you can get for your kitten is Mice

No matter how disgusting the mice look but they are the best present for your cat. If your offers you a mice then you are very special and it shows its immense love towards you.

#14 “Do you think only you can be independent? In your face. Ha!”

Cats don’t need to be dependent on humans. They can do anything and everything they wish to do.

#15 You don’t like my cat? Well I don’t like you either.

It’s not a big thing to lose your friends or even partners if they don’t like cats. The day you say you hate cats your relationship ends.

#16 Why to go for circus when you have full package of entertainment at home?

Who needs to go to circus and spend money when you got a skilled that is no less than a joker? It can even climb the curtains and trees and give you full circus show.

#17 You have been misunderstanding the use of toilet paper. It is actually a toy.

Not only this but your cat drags it everywhere shredding and tearing and cause mess everywhere.

#18 The best therapy session by cats.

The cat owners get the best message by their cats. The little paws work magically to relieve the stress and serve a great help in relaxing.

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