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10+ Animals That Deserve To Be Called A Hero

Many animals can do more than just adorable and smart family pets. Some are even professionally trained to do human jobs. There is no strange to see therapy dog, guide dog, security watch cat, or police dog. These furry staffs are courageous and dedicated. They always try their best to fulfill their tasks or simply give. They strongly prove that little creatures may also turn this world a better place.

In this post, we’re glad to share 19 animals that deserve to be called a hero. A dog that supports firefighters 4 hours a day before they start their next 24-hour shift, a cat that donates his blood to save the lives of sick cats, or a landmine-detecting rat that has won the PSDA gold medal for his exceptional bravery is introduced here. They are all worth praising and inspire humans around them. Let’s check them out!

#1. Balto and Togo, dog heroes who prevented the spread of the Diptheria pandemic in Alaska

#2. Dolly the sheep, the world’s first cloned animal

#3. Elsa, the lioness who propelled wildlife conservation

#4. David Graybeard, the chimpanzee who inspired the research of emotion in primates

#5. Pickles, a pet dog who solved a high-profile robbery

#6. The sacred geese of Juno saved Rome from invasion

#7. Magic, a miniature therapy horse that brings joy to those who need it most

#8. Smoky, the first therapy dog

#9. Pigeons, life-saving message carriers

#10. All search-and-rescue dogs who helped humans in the most difficult situations

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