Tiny Kitten Was Born With Sweet Butterfly-shaped Nose Grow Into a Majestic Fluffy Cat

A tiny kitten stole the hearts of cat lovers all over the internet back in November 2014. His mother was a rescue cat named Dorothy. The kitten looked different from how you would expect a cat to look, but that was the very reason he was so cute and adorable.

Say hello to Professor PudgeblossomMarvel!

Marvel was among 6 other kittens that were born to Dorothy, a female cat that was saved by TinyKitten in Langley, British Columbia, Canada. The cat mama was abandoned by her first owners when she was pregnant with her litter of 6. She was in luck, however, as her neighbors quickly helped her with some assistance from TinyKittens, a cat rescue organization.

In a statement, TinyKitten said, “On the 17th of November, 2014, Dorothy gave birth to a litter of 6 adorable kittens, but one of them was extra special.”

Marvel had a cleft nose and lip. But, while this made it hard for him to nurse, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it made his face look cute. He was nursed 24/7 by Shelly, his loving caregiver who bottle fed the cute bundle of fur every 3 hours

“He was fed by a bottle or through a tube every 2 or 3 hours. One fortunate thing is that his palate seemed okay.”

With the constant care he got, Marvel grew in size and became stronger as the days rolled on.

“After 5 weeks of keen feeding and nursing, Marvel was a pudgeblossom who had all the health and happiness he deserved. He proved to the world that your difference might be the very reason you are amazing.”

He became an adorable lap kitty.

Marvel was almost ready to live without any nursing apart from a little help eating his food. At this point, nothing could keep him from living an enjoyable life.

The little guy was doing very well. He didn’t need anything except a little extra help eating.

Nothing could stop him from loving life

Put your paws in the air!

With such an adorable face, this cute little kitten will absolutely steal your heart.

No one could possibly resist him!

He was born with large paws and as he grew older, his fur became bushier.

It was clear that the cute little kitten was destined to be a majestic feline soon.

Marvel got a new home after being adopted in February of 2015. But he had some company.

He had his brother Toto by his side who joined him in his new home that was filled with love and happiness.

The two cats are an inseparable pair.

Marvel got bigger and fluffier with time.

The brothers are now all grown up.

Meet Marvel, now a fully-fledged tiger just 3 years after finding his new home.

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