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This Cutest Fish Vendor Is Taking A Storm On The Internet By His Adorable Pics

Going to a store or merchandise showroom can be an exhausting and painful experience for those who HATE shopping. What usually makes it worse? An overzealous salesman pushing products on you for a meager commission. Now we know everyone needs to make a living and can sympathize with their plight, but at a local market in Vietnam, one vendor has found the PURRFECT way to peddle his wares that even the most unhappy shopper is unlikely to hold back a smile…or their wallet!

Meet “Dog” and his owner Le Quoc Phong. This entrepreneur has passed his unique business knowledge onto his best salesman, not only how to prosperously sell his merchandise but how to dress for success. This dynamic duo has become the most famous fish vendor at the Hai Phong market for good reason!

Dog, a Scottish Fold seems to not only MIND putting on his “suit” for the day but he can really work those threads! CATching the attention of the potential customers and simultaneously distracting other vendors, he struts causally around eyeing up the competition.

Although Dog’s shopkeeper also sells meats and produce, you can be confident that their best seller, and Dog’s favorite, is their aquatic delicacies. Of course, this is after a well deserved quality control inspection from the feline expert.

Once the work day is over, Dog does what most of us do; trade up our work clothes for something a bit more stylish.

Occasionally he likes to try out new “job professions” but always returns to his passion for the market and the friends he’s made. He’s even worked as a model for his favorite fashions!

Dog does have a bit of a wild side though and really lets loose on weekends where he can run “bare fur” in the wind! <3 He definitely earned it!

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