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Cat Will Be Angry If His Dad Doesn’t Cuddle With Him

Meet Tigger, an incredibly affectionate stray cat who hates being left alone and will throw temper tantrum to get what he wants. Tigger was found by Faith Linderman under a truck in the parking lot near where she worked in 2008. She realized that she had to do something to help the poor kitten, so she decided to adopt and brought him home.

Tigger quickly fell in love with all members in his family – especially Faith’s dad. Tigger loves cuddling with Faith’s father in his lap more than anything in the world. So, it’s now become an integral part of his morning routine.
Every morning, Tigger waits for his dad to wake up and feed him breakfast. Before getting ready for work, his dad will sit on the couch at about 7:30 to watch the news and cuddle with Tigger at least a half hour.

Morning cuddling time is very important to Tigger. If Faith’s dad is late for their routine, Tigger will throw temper tantrum and will pout for the entire day. Tigger also gets upset if his brother Boots tries to climb into his dad’s lap before he can get there. He will meow at Boots and sit on him until he moves. That is his daddy!

As soon as his dad goes to work, Tigger will go off and find a place to hang out. He’s always just waiting for his dad to get home so he can claim his place on his lap. When his father comes home and sits down, Tigger will run to the room to greet his dad and jump on his lap for more cuddles.

Thankfully, Tigger’s dad doesn’t forget their cuddling morning too often because he also loves it as much as Tigger! Please share this heart-warming story with your friends.