Breaking: New Law Will Get Animal Abusers Registered Like Sex Offenders

If you are an animal lover, you will find this new move delightful. It means more safety for animals across the USA. This sure is a wonderful turn of events for all the animals that go through all sorts of abuse.

There is new legislation that is spreading like a bushfire all over the USA, and this is a thing of joy for every decent person. Several states and cities have taken the fight against animal abuse to the next level, putting in place a registry that will record all the details of anyone convicted of abusing animals.

The list will include the name, address, date of birth, and the particular offence they committed against animals. The register is in a lot of ways similar to the sex offenders list.

Although the law has only been adopted entirely in the state of Tennessee, there are selected cities that have taken the step to implement the register. You can find it in cities such as New York, Illinois, and Cook County.

The body in charge of the registry in Tennessee is the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations. Those trying to get the list can do so at the TBI office. Anyone found guilty will be in the register for 2 years if it’s their first time. Any more convictions of abuse will attract 5 extra years.
Suffolk County lawmaker, Jon Cooper said the law could indirectly deter serial killers as most killers start out as animal abusers and torturers. He said the move might result in less domestic violence since abuse against animals is linked to violence against people. Suffolk County was the first to put this law in place.

Convicted abusers will be made to pay a $50 registration fine. As long as you are 18 years old or above and are found guilty of animal abuse, you will be required to submit a picture of yourself and all your identity detail. In the event that an abuser does not manage to get registered, they will be required to pay $1000 along with 1 year in jail.

Do you agree with this registry? Let us know.

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